Data Privacy & Cyber Security

Anyone involved in business will tell you that the regulatory web surrounding data protection and cybersecurity gets denser with every day. 

Whether you’re concerned about legal obligations within existing or soon-to-come laws, seeking to manage risk to your organisational or technological infrastructure, or setting out best practice requirements relating to contracts and the processing and safeguarding of information within your strategic plan.  Whatever you need our team of dedicated data protection, cybersecurity and IT lawyers work will provide common-sense, commercially-focused solutions. 

Our bespoke Privacy Scoping Service, Data Protection Review, Data Privacy Compliance Programme and more general Gap Analysis services offer a logical, effective path through the area of data protection and cybersecurity law.  We’ll analyse your contracts, highlight and resolve gaps in compliance, tailor solutions to your business and can even develop a breach management strategy, with notification, to help prevent future problems.

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It doesn’t end there, though.  The Clayden Law experts on your team can also support you with information technology, intellectual property and general commercial law solutions.


Data Privacy & Cybersecurity News

Cybersecurity: Risk Assessment & Data Privacy

The GDPR introduces additional responsibilities onto organisations, to both evaluate any risks to the personal data they hold and then take action based upon such an assessment.  Where holding data is considered “ high risk ” a “...

Cybersecurity: Encryption as a privacy tool

Encryption is an excellent security tool… even if it wasn’t, the UK Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) sees it as a basic precaution, meaning that is should be on the radar of all data-handling organisations. All security measures...

Cybersecurity: Understanding passwords

If implementing enough cybersecurity to adhere to privacy law is so complex, and massive breaches and software vulnerabilities seem to be reported in the press on a weekly basis, then why are experts quite so preoccupied by the handfuls of jumbled...
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