Tomorrow's Guides

Tomorrow’s Guides is the leading website publisher in the care sector, publishing ( - the leading UK care home review website with 18,000 care homes, 16 million+ visits per year and 95,000+ care home reviews), ( - the leading UK home care review website with 8,500 providers, 1.8 million+ visits per year and 10,000+ home care reviews) and ( - the leading UK nursery review website with 12,500 nurseries, 4.5 million visits per year & 55,000+ nursery reviews).


What was the problem?

With more than 20 million visitors to their sites, per year, generating over 150,000 reviews, as well as SaaS and a business selling data for research and mailings, it stands to reason that Tomorrow’s Guides was concerned about the forthcoming GDPR legislation.

In early 2017 Tomorrow’s Guides contacted Clayden Law for support in preparing for GDPR across their network of brands.

CEO, Will Blackwell, explains:

“With GDPR rapidly approaching, we had to review and update all of our data processes to ensure that we were compliant. Early on we realised that this was a massive job - with some complicated areas for compliance and governance.

“We were concerned that our consumer-facing brands made us doubly open to risk both in terms of online data collection and use.

“We were also aware that we had different methods of collecting and storing data, requiring us to think carefully about consent and communication. GDPR presented a lot of questions and concerns.

“It didn’t take us long to realise that we needed someone to support us with the whole process. To work out where the different areas of risk were, to explain how our documentation and activities needed to change, and to develop (and implement) a practical plan for doing all of this.

“We instructed Clayden Law. They had been recommended to us as they are specialists in data protection and privacy, with a strong reputation for real expertise and an understanding of how IT-driven organisations, like ours, work.”


What did we do?

At the outset of this project it was clear that the advice provided needed to anticipate commercial objectives, whilst also balancing compliance needs. Tomorrow’s Guides needed to be able to continue providing its various online services, as well as generating revenue from SaaS.

To start with Clayden Law helped Tomorrow’s Guides to create a data map. This helped everyone to understand the data processes as well as the high-risk areas, in compliance terms. From this we were able to set out an action plan, working towards GDPR compliance, with practical steps and tasks.

The tasks that followed involved advising on changes to data processes, the appropriate legal basis for consent across all areas of data, as well as data retention policies. This, naturally, led on to working with Tomorrow’s Guides collaboratively, to set up new privacy policies, retention policies, data processing addendums and other relevant documents. Clayden Law also provided Tomorrow’s Guides with free access to online GDPR training videos for the whole workforce to complete.

“We were very pleased with the work that Clayden Law, and in particular Piers Clayden, completed. Frankly, we couldn’t have done it without them. Not only was the advice excellent but it was utterly practical - grounded in helping us to continue working towards our commercial and strategic objectives. This level of ‘business’ and ‘IT sector’ understanding is rare in a law firm and Clayden Law’s involvement in the run up to GDPR has made a tangible difference to the way we work as a business, and the ways in which we serve the general public and commercial clients.

“We aren’t finished yet - and continue to work with Clayden Law - but we feel confident that we are able to trust them to advise us on compliance in a way that works for us a growing technology-enabled business. The best part is that, on top of this, they’re approachable, responsive and flexible in their approach - as well as being really reasonably priced! We have no hesitation in recommending Clayden Law.”