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We want you to be able to get the most from your inventions, creations, know-how, brand, designs and reputation.  But protecting your intellectual property can be challenging in an ever-changing commercial and legal environment. That’s where we come in. 

Our expertise

We start by understanding your business objectives and establish a logical course of action.  Whether you want to better exploit your IP, protect it from infringement or you need help with issues that might have arisen with external organisations, we can help.  Our dedicated intellectual property lawyers will be right by your side through research and development, patent/know-how licensing and supply and contract manufacturing.

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‘Commercially astute providing practical advice. Very proactive in keeping the in-house team informed of timings and costs‘.

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Latest Intellectual property news

Who owns the copyright when your employees create the software?

Q: If the software is created by an employee, outside of normal working hours, are they entitled to the copyright in that software? A: This might be true in some cases but in the majority of cases, unless this has been explicitly agreed, it will belong...

The RAPID Challenge - discovering the next great British innovation

Clayden Law is delighted to be supporting The RAPID Challenge. Created by Prodrive Ventures, the investment-arm of the world-leading motorsport and advanced technology group, Prodrive The RAPID Challenge is a new competition aimed specifically at...

Who owns AI-created art?

Computer-generated works are defined as ones "generated by a computer in circumstances such that there is no human author of the work". Let’s park, for a moment, whether it’s realistic to think that true art can be created without the...
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