Cambridge Analytica - a round up of news

Everyone has been writing about the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook revelations... so we decided, rather than writing yet another blog on it, to draw together some of the best summaries and most interesting commentaries available online at the moment. As things continue to evolve we'll add to this. Feel free to contact us via Twitter (@claydenlaw) if you'd like to suggest an article for inclusion. 

The Guardian: The Cambridge Analytica files: the story so far

Cyber Security Intelligence: Millions Of Facebook Profiles Were ‘Harvested’ In US Election Breach

The Independent: The Independent's collection of articles on this topic

The BBC: Documents shared by Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie spell out how parent company SCL Group tried to influence elections worldwide.

Cyber Security Intelligence: Cambridge Analytica Claim To Sway Elections With Facebook Data

MIT Technology Review: Your own devices will give the next Cambridge Analytica far more power to influence your vote

Quartz: The Cambridge Analytica scandal is wildly confusing. This timeline will help.

Fortune: Commentary: How Facebook’s Response Ignited the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The Guardian: Civil liberties groups pressure tech companies to take ‘security pledge’

Reuters: Nigeria to probe alleged Cambridge Analytica involvement in elections - presidency

CNN: How Steve Bannon used Cambridge Analytica to further his alt-right vision for America

The BBC: Cambridge Analytica offices searched over data storage

CNN: Cambridge Analytica offers new defense of 2016 practices

Campaign: One in 20 Brits delete Facebook accounts after the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Wired: Cambridge Analytical could also have accessed private Facebook messages

LA Times: Facebook says it's open to some privacy regulation. Here’s where to start

The Wall Street Journal: What Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Say About What Facebook Knows About You

Engadget: Facebook users aren’t changing their privacy settings, despite uproar

The Guardian: Cambridge Analytica scandal 'highlights need for AI regulation'

The Drum: Google on Cambridge Analytica scandal: 'Yes, we have brand safety issues, but we are not Facebook'

The Guardian: How to check whether Facebook shared your data with Cambridge Analytica

​The BBC: Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal hub