LAUNCHING E-LEARNING: Helping to prepare workforces for the biggest change to data protection legislation in 20 years

We're delighted to announce the launch of a comprehensive solution of training, audit and support packages for organisations preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .  This offering spans all levels of commercial need, from introductory elearning on GDPR best practice and principles, through to a full Gap Analysis Audit, advice to the Board and comprehensive compliance consultancy.

The GDPR comes into effect on the 25th May 2018 and will substantially change how personal data should be legally categorised, managed and processed by organisations.  Working in partnership with e-learning specialists, Me Learning, experts from Clayden Law have developed a suite of 11 modules, spanning more than five hours of training.  The course is broken down into key topics, grouped together so as to be relevant to all employees, data practitioners and board members.

Building on this suite of training materials Clayden Law has developed a stepped programme of legal and compliance services designed to provide a logical, effective, supported path through the impending changes to data protection law.  Organisations can build packages starting with a questionnaire overview and high-level recommendations, through to a review of policies and supply chains, a full Gap Analysis Audit and a full and comprehensive compliance service.

Founder and Managing Partner, Piers Clayden, said: “The impending changes to data protection regulation, in the form of the GDPR (coupled with the additional changes now before Parliament in the shape of the Data Protection Bill), are some of the most significant we’ve seen for twenty years.  Now, as 25th May 2018 approaches, it is time for businesses to act.

Whilst there are firms offering support in terms of commercial contract and policy review, demonstrability is a key requirement, under GDPR – and that means providing training alongside legal support.  At Clayden Law our legal team is drawn together to include some of the sector’s leading experts in this field of law.  We’ve worked hard to build a team that can offer a complete service – from GDPR training through to compliance.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with Me Learning to produce this comprehensive course – providing all the training employees, data professionals and boards need – and that we have the opportunity to build on this with our specialist expertise to continue this process through to ensuring our clients are protected from risk, when the GDPR, and the new Data Protection Act, comes into force.”

For more information go to IF you are a ClaydenLaw client and interested in free access to any of the modules please get in touch with Piers on All we ask for in return is some feedback!