Launching our new Cybersecurity content

Cybersecurity may now be the most common buzzword we hear.  If it’s not popping up at work, we’re reading about the consequences of a cybersecurity breach, or a new vulnerability, in the press.  Business leaders are expected to know and be aware of the issues surrounding cybersecurity and data privacy.

Clearly, the consequences of cybersecurity breaches are serious.  As well as data protection sanctions, which have sky-rocketed from £500,000 to an eye-watering €20 million, business leaders need to be concerned about reputation management, intellectual property loss, claims from individuals and litigation by third parties. Additionally, being able to demonstrate cybersecurity and data privacy compliance is becoming a key factor for any organisation wanting to broker deals or otherwise engage with other businesses.  

Clayden Law has teamed up with a technical expert and over the next few months we will provide some back-to-basics analysis of the technical, legal and data protection issues surrounding cybersecurity, aimed at organisations’ non-technical decision-makers.

Emma Osborn has recently submitted her doctoral thesis, on cyber security in smaller organisations and the supply chain, to the University of Oxford, and is now acting as an independent cyber security consultant.

Together, we’ll be highlighting key cybersecurity and data privacy fundamentals and looking at the interplay between law and practice in this area. We aim to provide customers and visitors to our site with some of the background knowledge, improving everyone’s confidence in discussing cybersecurity risks. For those short on time we’ll be posting short blog articles. For anyone who’s curious and wants to read further, we’ve written downloadable guides that explore topics like cybersecurity risk management, encryption or passwords.

We hope you find this content useful – feel free to share etc…..we’d love to hear your feedback.

Piers Clayden and Emma Osborn.