International Transfers - where are we now?

The data protection landscape has greatly changed over recent years, and in the last few months the rules surrounding international data transfers have been no exception.

Don't let your customers' GDPR concerns slow you down

Five tips to help SaaS providers sign up more customers, more quickly

No-deal Brexit: data protection consequences for UK businesses

This guide looks at how UK businesses will be affected by changes in data protection law arising from a no-deal Brexit.

Tech Contracts - Key points for suppliers

The basic construction of a contract tends to be similar from one IT contract to the next. As a result, there are some things you can be look out for when you negotiate as a supplier of tech services, especially where the customer is large or well-established. Here we explore some of the main issues that you may encounter in this context so that you can be fore-armed.

Indemnities - Guide for tech businesses

Any contract or contractual negotiation for our tech business clients will nearly always feature a discussion about indemnities. Ignore the indemnities in a contract and you could be literally committing commercial suicide. In fact, if you did ignore the wording of an indemnity it could reduce the value of your business at exit, and/or invalidate your professional indemnity (“PI”) insurance cover and leave you with a very big legal bill if a PI infringement claim was brought against you.

How to write a GDPR compliance 'white paper' as marketing collateral

A white paper is an information document used by businesses to inform customers about an issue relevant to their business and present their perspective on that issue, with a view to encouraging customers and potential customers to learn more about and/or purchase their products and services. We’ve been helping some of our clients write these documents, and explain in this article why and how to write them.