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Whether your business is in technology or one of the many that relies on it, we don’t have to tell you that the sector is changing fast.  In fact, it can be a struggle to keep up, let alone on top of your legal obligations and opportunities.

Our expertise

Our team of technology law experts brings big firm experience and capability to all of your information technology law issues. 

We’re committed to working with you to remove risk from your business plans and to generate growth through better ways of working.  We’re ambitious about identifying commercial opportunities and negotiating contracts that respond to and anticipate them.  We’ll help you navigate the still-changing Brexit and international data challenges. We’ll be there at each step of the way as you develop or implement new technology, as well as when you grow, seek investment, as well as when you’re considering buying or selling your business and intellectual property.

Most importantly, because our technology solicitors only work with technology or tech-enabled businesses, in particular across the SaaS,  RegTech and Workplace Solutions sectors, we not only know the law but we know the IT sector, inside and out. This means our advice is always directly relevant, in language you will understand and closely aligned with the commercial objectives you have for your organisation.

Our specialist technology law expertise includes:

Technology law

  • App development
  • E-commerce
  • Software development, support and maintenance
  • Software licensing
  • Software reseller agreements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Professional and Implementation/Configuration Services
  • Development services
  • Data processing agreements
  • Web-based services
  • App terms and EULAs

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):

  • SaaS terms and conditions
  • SaaS ‘escrow’ arrangements
  • The day-to-day negotiation of contracts
  • Data protection compliance
  • Intellectual Property and advising on licensing matters


  • RegTech terms and conditions
  • The day-to-day negotiation of contracts
  • Data protection compliance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Advising on licensing matters
  • Intellectual Property and advising on licensing matters

Workplace Solutions

  • Workplace solutions terms and conditions
  • The day-to-day negotiation of contracts
  • Data protection compliance



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‘Strengths are domain specialisation (knowledge), accessibility of resource, flexibility in approach, right-size delivery, calm and unfazed commercial negotiation style. Being a small team it doesn’t feel like you are paying for multiple resources when they are not all needed which can be an issue with other companies.’

‘Piers Clayden – Piers and his team have consistently provided quality, right-size advice and their expertise in Technology, SaaS and data privacy have been pivotal to us. I have also worked with Piers through complex client negotiations through which he has always provided a calm approach that gets the right results.’

‘Clayden Law is a practice focused on Information technology, data privacy and cybersecurity law. We are a start up SaaS business and Clayden Law provides services directly relevant to our industry and stage of development – as an added bonus they are also within our geographical area. Clayden Law has directly relevant expertise and experience which ensures that we get the most relevant advice at a great price. Nailing our terms and conditions, order form and maintenance and support SLAs at an early stage will reap significant rewards as we progress.’

Legal 500, TMT, South East


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