Software as a Service

If you’re operating in the Software-as-a-Service business you need a legal team with expertise in working with SaaS companies, as well as one that understands the organisational and commercial challenges you face every day and throughout your growth journey.


At Clayden Law we specialise in supporting SaaS businesses as they start-up, scale and secure investment. This work ranges from drafting, reviewing and updating terms and conditions; the day-to-day negotiation of contracts; and advising on data protection compliance, through to drafting and negotiating investment rounds; reviewing and drafting shareholder agreements; keeping on top of statutory books, minutes, cap tables, shareholder registers and employee shares; as well as advising on share options; and advising on business/share sales or acquisitions.

Our specialist technology lawyers are drawn from the leading private practice firms, as well as senior in-house counsel roles across the sector. We work as an integrated part of your team. Our fixed-fee retainer packages bring real peace of mind, coupled with market-leading expertise. Not only can you call on us at any time, as business owners (and members of the management team) you’re freed up to focus on building your business and preparing for a clean exit or the next funding round.



Software as a Service

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