Our Charges

Flexible and transparent pricing, combined with unparalleled technology expertise, are central to the Clayden Law approach. 

In many cases (particularly when working with SaaS organisations) we work on a fixed-fee retainer basis, meaning we're always available and delivering market-leading expertise at a consistently lower rate than many of our competitors.

Our clients tell us our fees are consistently at least one third lower than the many larger Thames Valley firms, yet we work hard to ensure our work is superior. 

Our promise

We are so committed to this approach that we make the following promises to each and every client:

  1. Transparency and honesty are key.  You won’t pay for services you don’t use, nor support staff that are not required.
  2. We understand that you need us to be invested too.  The clock won’t start ticking the moment you pick up the phone – we want to invest our time to build up a strong, productive working relationship with you.
  3. If we can fix it we will. We want you to know where you stand and that’s why, in many cases, we’ll provide a fixed fee for work we do.
  4. Nothing is cast in stone.  We’ll always be happy to discuss our fees and charging models. We want you to be surprised by how excellent our work is, not the bill at the end.

But it doesn’t stop there.  We’re also happy to put our own money and time where our mouth is.  You can try us out for no charge and with no obligation.  Send us one of your standard documents (such as your NDA template, terms of service or supply, or standard master services agreement) and we’ll carry out a high-level review and report back with any material issues we identify.