M3 provides physicians and other healthcare professionals with clinical education, the opportunity to participate in market research projects, and new career opportunities. M3 provides the life science industry with highly targeted interactive marketing, education, content, hiring, and research solutions.

What was the problem?

Following the invalidation of the Safe Harbor adequacy mechanism in October 2015 by the Court of Justice of the EU, many multi-jurisdictional situated companies were left without a clear means of remaining compliant with EU data protection law.  M3’s US Legal Counsel requested assistance from us to ensure that their intra and extra organisational data transfers remained EU-compliant.

What did we do?

We discussed the issue with various members of the M3 management board and Legal Counsel, and then having provided some options available to M3, formulated a solution that involved various EU-provided “Standard Contractual Clauses”.

With international Data Protection expertise, we were able to supply safeguards for future intra-EU data transfers by drafting more robust data processing agreements. We showcased their ability to offer robust solutions and advice on even the most complex, commercially-sensitive client matters.

What did they say?

“M3 Global Research operates an ISO 26362 certified panel with the highest quality data collection and project management capabilities that cover the spectrum of quantitative and qualitative market research techniques utilized today. Our panel has over 2 million physicians in more than 70 countries worldwide, necessitating the transfer of data throughout the world.  Following the abandonment of Safe Harbor, Manish and Clayden Law have provided timely and vital counsel to help us navigate the changing waters regarding the export of data between the EEA and the US.” - Erin Austin, Corporate Legal Counsel, M3 Inc.